Diesel Theft Detection

Diesel theft detection has now become a necessity for farmers as well.  Diesel theft from vehicles is unfortunately a reality for every farmer and logistics company.  With the current price of diesel the monetary value of skimming diesel on a regular basis can quickly add up to a small fortune in losses.


The proposed solution is to add a diesel level probe in your diesel tank of your tractor, harvesting combine or truck.  The sensor is well designed to make provision of the movement of liquid level inside the tank during operation. The diesel level sensor communicates via Bluetooth to a tracker inside the cab. Therefore the diesel level sensor is completely wireless.  The sensor cap will not attract any unnecessary attention.

The tracking sensor hidden in the cabin is part of the solution to indicate where and when the diesel was removed.  The communication from the tracker is cellular (GSM), with the advantage that a signal will be received from anywhere in the country.

The diesel will be stolen when the vehicle is stationary.  The combination of the information, the exact position of the vehicle and the sudden reduction in fuel will be a clear indication that diesel was removed from the tank.

Refueling graph
Normal refuelling


The tracker position can be followed real time on your laptop/PC as well as on your smart phone.  The tracker has all the modern functions expected from a modern device, distance travelled, the actual route taken, alerts in case of an accident.  The fuel sensor will give you a graphical output for an immediate identification of a sudden drop in fuel level:

Diesel Theft
Diesel theft

Internet of Things

These sensors can be deployed as a complete stand-alone system on individual vehicles.  It is also possible to import the data to your LoRaWAN network, having all your sensor information on one platform.  It is suggested that a farmer can start with one diesel theft detection system, and getting acquainted with data on your fingertips.  After seeing the advantages of IoT, the owner can add many other sensors to the LoRaWAN network.  The options are load temperature monitoring, ambient temperature, tamper detection (door opening),  as and when the monitoring makes business sense.

Other possibilities: Engine diagnostics

One of the lesser known possibilities is the continuous monitoring of the diagnostics of the engine via CAN.  If this sensor can save the engine only once you will obviously never regret looking into this possibility.


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