Smart Buildings using LoRaWAN

Deploying sensors inside a building has never been so easy as with the new narrow-band technology.  Smart buildings through LoRaWAN architecture is now available and a reality.  When a building management system (BMS) makes sense for your building, a LoRaWAN network should be seriously considered.  The advantages are overwhelming with multiple wireless sensors, one gateway with deep communication penetrating ability and the whole network displayed on one platform!  It sounds too good to be true, but it is exactly what can be achieved with LoRaWAN.  It is trusted that Steve Jobs made the comment “Technological Change is Inevitable”

Should you have different users or units in one building the following wireless sensors are available:

  • Energy: utility metering, electricity consumption per unit
  • Water: Water loss, fire water pressure, splitting of water consumption
  • Health matters; CO₂, temperature, humidity, light intensity
  • Access control, people counting, room occupancy
  • Asset tracking, movement, predictive maintenance

Advantages of IoT:

LoRaWAN is bi-directional, meaning that the network can monitor, but also control.  As an example, with the detection of movement, lights and HVAC can be activated and de-activated when the area is vacated.  Real smart decisions can be taken to eliminate the unnecessary use of the HVAC by having a blower option and providing fresh air rather than cool air.

Even if you have an existing security system or sophisticated BMS, LoRa devices can be complementary, and data integrated from these existing networks into an IoT network is very possible.  You can create a true digital twin of your buildings.

With the implementation of the Paris Accord to drive down CO₂ emissions globally, you will be able to identify the areas, floors, or consumers with the highest kW/m² and focus your attention.  The rising cost of energy and water should already be the driving force to identify high consumption.  The deployment of a number of smart utility assets makes that possible.

Data can be displayed on a central smart screen, and notifications or exceptions sent to your cell phone.

A surprising optimistic ROI can be expected when energy data is made visible to be controlled.  Wireless sensors make it possible to add and even move your sensors as you wish.  This can certainly be the first steps to aim for Green Building certification.

To discuss the how smart buildings using LoRaWAN will increase your ROI, click here 

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