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The following sensors are typical to be connected wireless to a gateway via LoRaWAN or Sigfox and results available on the internet – and on your smart phone!

Business Risk:

We are prepared to accept the risk and can accept proof of concept (POC) for a period of 30 days.  If the client is not satisfied, we will remove the network without hesitation.


The following asset management specific services can be offered:

Technology can assist organisations in striving to World Class Asset Performance in accordance with ISO 55001.

The four fundamentals on which asset management is based on the following:

  • Bringing value for the entity and all its stakeholders from the utilisation of the assets: Smart Buildings!
  • Promoting alignment across the organisation to achieve organisational goals: Real Time Visualisation and Control!
  • Leadership management with commitment to continious improvement: Asset Performance and Tracking!
  • Achieving assurance of producing required asset performance according to agreed levels of service: Temperature, humidity tracking!

Compilation of Fixed Asset Registers (FAR) according to GRAP 17.

We have partnered with iPin Technologies making use of their AMS360 platform:

Predictive maintenance:

We are very proud to offer a true intelligent sensor that will alerts you in real time on the operating status of your machines!  It prevents failures and reduce downtown with the power of artificial intelligence and connected devices.

Logistic Cold Chain Monitoring System.

We are very proud to launch our product with the partner Armatech Security Products in monitoring the temperature and movement of the coldroom trailer. The locking device is fitted to the lock of the container doors, and the following data can be monitored and history made available:

  • True GPS position
  • Temperature inside the trailer
  • Lock position (locked/unlocked)
  • Communication via GSM (sim card)
  • Results on cell phone

Our Commitment to you!

We are committed to delivering a superior monitoring solution that supports all of your needs.  Here’s what you can expect once the solution has been installed:

  • Immediate Cost Savings

Employees won’t have to manually monitor your facilities for equipment failures, intrusions or temperature any more.  You will be saving from day one!

  • Day and night monitoring

If an issue is ever detected, you will receive an instant, actionable alert so you can react to and remedy the situation before it becomes a costly problem.

  • 24/7/365 Support

We’ll always be available to answer any question or concerns about the solution and its features

  • Lifetime Guarantee

We stand by our solution 100%.  Should any sensor stop working, we’ll replace it for free.

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