Omicron IoT & Asset Management (Pty) Ltd

Although we have extensive experience in asset management especially in the public domain, we believe that connected devices is the necessary feature to elevate monitoring and control of assets to a next level – into the future! Omicon is primarily a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in connected devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). We are not technology specific and will apply the best solution to every project.

The following services can be offered:

• Monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO₂ air quality levels and fluid levels in tanks to name a few
• Energy Saving Projects (20% savings expected)
• Facilities Management - Smart Buildings
• Smart Farming
• Asset Management


The four fundamentals on which asset management is based on the following:

Smart Buildings!

Bringing value for the entity and all its stakeholders from the utilisation of the assets:

Real Time Visualisation and Control!

Promoting alignment across the organisation to achieve organisational goals:

Asset Performance and Tracking!

Leadership management with commitment to continious improvement:

Temperature, humidity tracking!

Achieving assurance of producing required asset performance according to agreed levels of service:

Our commitment to you!

We are committed to delivering a superior monitoring solution that supports all of your needs. We are quite prepared to give you a demonstration where you can touch and see the future in action!

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